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I walked over to the mailbox with a bit of excitement because I knew there was a possibility that the product we were meant to receive could be waiting for me. I slid the key in and opened it to see a package that induced a smile on my face. I opened it immediately as I walked in the front door like Christmas in August. In my hand I held the WeVibe Unite. It only took me a matter of minutes to figure out how to operate and conveniently charge it with the provided USB cord. The only problem was, I wasn’t going to see ‘J‘ for a few more days and this was a couple’s sex toy – those were a long two days.




When the day finally came I brought along our new toy with the complimentary water-based lubricant and provided silk sack. ‘J‘ took it from me and quickly began exploring it the same way I had when I first opened the package. She tested out the ten different vibe settings that had three levels of vibrations as well as pulsations to rise and drops in power so couples can test and find the settings that best suit them. The WeVibe Unite came with a remote and I hadn’t figured out how to use it, but ‘J‘ quickly figured it out. This sparked my imagination of the possibilities this toy could possess and I immediately began pulling off her skin tight pants.


“What are you doing?” she asked, without stopping me.


“I have an idea,” I said.


J‘ laid down on the bed and I continued to remove her underwear. I took the WeVibe and lubricant from her. I drizzled some onto my fingers before running them between the lips of her cunt; her thighs jolting at the initial feeling of the cool lubricant against her most sensitive area. I rubbed her clit with my fingers as I applied more lube to the WeVibe. ‘J‘ watched my every move as I pressed it against her entrance; sliding the toy inside her as deep as possible. The top of it rested on her clit; giving her multiple points of stimulation.


“Alright,” I said, “put your pants back on.”


J‘ looked at me confused and went to take the WeVibe out of her. I stopped her and told her to leave it in. She reluctantly slid her pants back on and I fought every fibre in my body from jumping her right then and there as her underwear slid up her luscious thick thighs. I playfully shook the remote in my hand and she was catching on to where I was going with this.


“How about we get some lunch,” I said.


I walked out of the bedroom not leaving her with much of a choice. She followed me downstairs and climbed into the car and we were off. I took the scenic route because I was enjoying the fact I had her pleasure literally in the palm of my hand. I waited before pressing the button; letting anticipation build up inside her. Once we got about halfway there, I pressed it and her body jolted from the initial shock. Her thighs pressed tighter together and I turned it up even higher.


“How does it feel?” I asked.


“Mhmm,” she said muffled with her lips sealed.


I continued to press my way through the different vibe settings; watching the expression change on her face with each click. ‘J‘ was squirming in her seat as she reached over and gripped onto my thigh for support; her other hand clutching to the passenger side door. I didn’t want it to stop and I’m sure she didn’t either, but we had arrived at the restaurant. I turned it off and she asked what I was doing, not realising we were at the destination and had come to a stop in the parking lot.


J‘ lifted herself out of the car like a baby deer trying to get footing. She walked across the parking lot with jelly-like legs. I reached into my pocket and quickly turned it on and off to offer a few pulses. She comically stumbled towards the restaurant entrance.


“Fuck off,” she said, playfully shoving me.


We ordered our food and sat down. I let her eat her meal without disruption. Just knowing she had that toy inside her as we sat in a public setting was satisfying enough. However, once she was finished, I wasted no time hitting the button again. Her body tightened up and she stared me dead in the eye. I considered having a real life When Harry Met Sally moment, but figured it would probably be looked down upon in actual society. When I turned it off she leapt from her seat and lead me by the hand towards the exit – or so I thought. ‘J‘ made a bee line and yanked me towards the women’s washroom.


“What are you doing?” I said. “Let’s just go back to your place.”


She ignored me, ‘J‘ was on a mission when she shoved me into one of the unoccupied stalls; the door slamming shut behind us and the sound of the lock clicking echoed against the porcelain walls. Pressing me up against the divider wall we embraced in a passionate, forceful kiss, while she gripped onto my hard bulge over top of my denim jeans. The teasing from the WeVibe Unite had turned her into an animal. She tugged on my pants as if my cock was vital to her.


Our lips unlocked; biting my lower lip as she sunk to her knees. Slowly she unzipped my fly and guided my hard cock out. ‘J‘ wasted no time devouring my cock like dessert. My toes curled and I pushed back against the wall as she worked my cock. The feeling of her tongue swirling around my head, all the way down my shaft gave me goose bumps. I remembered the WeVibe and reached into my pocket to turn it on.



J‘s’ warm breath exhaled deeply around my cock as I turned on the toy inside her. She became more enthusiastic; watching her head bob back and forth with my shaft slipping through her wet lips. Reaching up between my legs she grabbed onto my dangling testicles; squeezing and massaging them while I felt the suction of her mouth. It felt amazing while I clutched on to the top of the divider wall with one hand and her head with the other.


Soon enough she couldn’t handle the vibrations anymore and I had no second thought about turning it off. ‘J‘s’ lips slipped off my cock, but she still gripped the bottom of my shaft with her clutched hand. She was going through the motions of an orgasm there on the floor of a public washroom. Her knees shook against the tiles and her head tilted backwards; her eyes rolling into the back of her head.


“Stop!” she said. “Turn it off!”


I did as she asked and turned the WeVibe off. She continued to shake like I had never seen before. There was nothing I could do, so I stood there and watched with my genitals hanging out the fly of my jeans. When her breathing calmed, I helped her to her feet. ‘J‘ looked so sexy with her hair messed up and ecstasy in her eyes.


“We need to go home right now,” I said, urgently.


The drive home ‘J‘ was all over me; kissing my neck with her hand down my pants, just holding on to my cock and testicles as I drove. The fiery passion between us could barely be contained as I pulled into her driveway. The two of us rushed upstairs and stripped off our clothes as fast as possible. I’ll never get used to the site of her naked body standing in front of me.


I moved in and kissed her, while having on hand between her legs to hold the WeVibe Unite in. We crumbled down onto the bed; our bodies intertwined. The two of us fought for dominant position with our lips still locked – tongue’s swirling – but her lust was overpowering and she ended up on top of me. ‘J‘ wasted no time guiding my cock deep inside her; I could feel the toy pressing up against the top of my shaft as she sunk down on me. I suddenly remembered the remote was in my pants pocket over by the bedroom door. Luckily ‘J‘ had it covered and pressed the button on the top of the WeVibe to turn it on. I could feel the vibrations on my cock and the two of us were united in pleasure – no pun intended (well maybe a little bit).


She began to bounce on my cock, but had to stop because the WeVibe kept slipping out. The combination of lubricant and her own cum made it nearly impossible for the damn thing to stay in – not a terrible problem to have if you ask me. Instead of bouncing, she began grinding on top. The combination of her thighs and cunt rubbing against my flesh felt like a religious experience. I grabbed onto her ass and ran my fingers up her back; I was intoxicated with her and couldn’t touch, kiss, lick or suck her body fast enough – her body had become an addiction.



The grinding had lost its initial spark for me and judging by the beads of sweat forming on her chest, ‘J‘ could use a break. I pulled her in close and flipped myself on top of her – unfortunately my cock and the WeVibe Unite both slipped out. This was a prime opportunity for me to repay her for going down on me in the washroom.


I kissed down her salty, smooth body until my head was between her thighs. The smell of sex was powerful and welcomed as I inhaled her essence deep into my lungs. I held the still vibrating WeVibe in my hand, but turned it up to the strongest level. Running my tongue along the inside of her thigh, my mouth finally reached its destination.


J‘ looked down at me, the same fire still burning in her eyes as she waited with anticipation. My tongue pressed against her clit and that was it for me; I couldn’t tease her any longer. I began sucking on her clit while flicking my tongue; tasting her for the first time today. I gripped onto her thighs while being face deep in her most desired and vulnerable area where and subtle breath could bring about pleasure. Softly I slid my two fingers inside her and curled them. I grabbed the WeVibe Unite and pressed it against her clit as I continued to finger her. The “O” face she makes when I know I’m hitting the right spot gets me going more than anything else.


“Stop,” she said, reaching down between her legs to stop me. “Fuck me already. I want to feel your cock slide inside me.”


I put the WeVibe Unite back inside her, but this time got up to grab the remote before joining this sexy, beautiful woman back in bed. I gave her full control this time, handing her the remote. Her clit was still a bit sensitive and I wanted to focus completely on fucking her. I gripped onto my shaft that was dripping with pre-cum and guided myself back inside ‘J‘. With my face buried in the pillow next to her neck I began thrusting into her; my hips crashing down on her thighs.


I grunted hard, feeling like an animal in heat. The sound of our bodies slapping against one another echoed throughout the bedroom and into the hallway. Suddenly without warning my cock began to vibrate, it was one of those moments where my head was so clear, I forgot the WeVibe was in there with me. I continued to fuck her through the initial surprise and the two of us found our rhythm. ‘J‘ wrapped her arms around me and with one hand clutching my ass cheek, she felt my powerful thrust through the flexing of my gluteal muscle.



J‘ couldn’t take it anymore, her body had enough and she could barely control her legs up to her thighs. I rolled over onto my back and she quickly pulled the WeVibe out of her. The two of us laughed having experienced the new toy in such a passionate way; something neither of us expected.


I could feel the blue balls sensation overcoming me and my testicles were overly sensitive. ‘J‘ grabbed onto them and I winced in slight pain; yet it felt good once she began massaging them. So much so, that more pre-cum spilled from my tip, down over her hand. Just when I thought we were done playing with the WeVibe, she turned it back on and pressed it against my testicles; my body stuttered.


J‘ looked looked deep into my eyes to watch my reaction; she knew I must have been sensitive at this point. Then using the cum she had left on my cock as lubricant, she stroked me; her bare naked breasts pressing against my shoulder and our legs still intertwined. That stare, mixed with her warm body pressed against mine was enough to bring me to my edge.


“Here it comes,” I grunted.


J‘ turned her attention to my cock and watched as cum exploded from the throbbing head all the way up to my chest and down to my stomach. She continued to slowly stroke me as more loads of cum exploded out while I clutched onto the side of the bed with one hand and her bare shoulder with the other. Continuing to stroke me, I had to stop her as I couldn’t take it any longer. She rested her head on my shoulder and the two of us just laid there covered in our shared bodily fluids in complete and utter bliss.



The WeVibe Unite is a body safe toy we received from Ignite Pleasure Toys in exchange for an honest review – all of their products are non-toxic & non-porous. This particular product came with a silk carrying bag, a USB charging cord and some water-based lubricant that came in handy for initial insertion. The going price is around $100 and in my opinion is well worth the investment.


We both enjoyed the WeVibe Unite; however there was one issue of the toy constantly slipping out in most positions aside from missionary. With that being said, it was 100% a worthwhile experience and won’t be the last time we use it. ‘J‘ and I discussed this a few hours after sex and decided we wanted to do a double rating; one for couple’s use and one for solo use.


Couples Use – 3.5 out of 5 

Like I said, it became a bit annoying when the WeVibe kept slipping out and putting a halt to the passionate sex. Missionary position we had no issues and doggy style worked well. You can’t really beat a toy that literally “unites” you both with pleasure. What she was feeling, I was feeling too and I think that brought us closer together at the time and made for better sex. I would recommend this product.


Solo Use – 4.5 out of 5

The only reason we rated this 4.5 for solo use and not a perfect 5 was because we know there are supposedly better WeVibe’s on the market and even on Ignite, so we wanted to leave a little wiggle room in case we ever got a chance to try them. The vibrations were powerful and it was able to bring both of us to orgasm fairly quickly and it is by far the best vibration toy we own.


Try the WeVibe Unite and many more out for yourself at Ignite Pleasure Toys! Receive 15% off when you use the code ‘sexfucketlist’ and Ignite now ships to Canada!





The following story is based on a true story with some fictitious aspects added for entertainment value.

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