The List

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  1. Lose Virginity
  2. Sex With Older Woman 40+
  3. Give Rim Job
  4. Receive Rim Job
  5. Masturbate On Webcam
  6. Sex On Webcam
  7. Anal Sex
  8. Have A Threesome (Two Women)
  9. Have A Threesome (Woman & Man)
  10. Orgy
  11. Phone Sex
  12. Be Tied Up
  13. Tie Someone Up
  14. Have Sex In A Public Area
  15. Watch Others Have Sex In Person
  16. Car Sex
  17. Sex At A Drive-In
  18. Mile-High Club
  19. One Night Stand
  20. Sex On A Boat
  21. Sex In A Body Of Water
  22. Sex On The Beach
  23. Receive A Spanking
  24. Give A Spanking
  25. Sex In The Shower (An Attempt Was Made)
  26. Sex Standing Up Against A Wall
  27. Sex In Broad Day Light
  28. Sex In A Tent
  29. Be Blindfolded
  30. Fun With Whipped Cream
  31. Use A Prostate Massager
  32. Covered In Baby Oil
  33. Sex In A Foreign Country
  34. Sex With A Foreigner
  35. Skirt Quickie
  36. Sex In The Rain
  37. Send A Cock Shot
  38. Sex While Someone Is Watching
  39. Face Sitting
  40. Sex On The Floor
  41. Sixty-Nine
  42. Sex Without Condom
  43. Sex In Back Of Movie Theater
  44. Sex With A Man (Bottom) (Back By Popular Demand)
  45. Sex With A Man (Top) (Back By Popular Demand)
  46. Get Pegged
  47. Sex In A Chair
  48. Wake Up Receiving Oral
  49. Wake Up Giving Oral
  50. Butt Plug Sex
  51. Sex With Asian Woman
  52. Sex With Black Woman
  53. Sex With Spanish Woman
  54. Sex With Indian Woman
  55. Sex With A Prostitute
  56. Sex Under Waterfall
  57. Make A Sex Tape
  58. Receive Road Head
  59. Sex In An Elevator
  60. Hotel Sex
  61. Kitchen Sex
  62. Sex In A Forest
  63. Vibrating Cock Ring During Sex
  64. Sex In Workplace
  65. Give Naked Massage
  66. Receive Naked Massage
  67. Receive A Strip Tease
  68. Sex With Sisters (Doesn’t Have To Be At Same Time)
  69. Sex With Mother & Daughter (Doesn’t Have To Be At Same Time)
  70. Sex On A Balcony
  71. Sex While Watching Porn
  72. Cosplay Sex
  73. Afternoon Delight
  74. Ejaculate On Ass
  75. Ejaculate In Mouth
  76. Ejaculate On Face
  77. Ejaculate On Back
  78. Ejaculate On Stomach
  79. Ejaculate On Breasts
  80. Ejaculate Inside Woman
  81. Sex In Abandoned Building
  82. Sex In Public Bathroom
  83. Sex In Church
  84. Use A Fucking Machine
  85. Have A Sex Weekend At A Hotel
  86. Sex On A Car
  87. Sex Swing
  88. Be A Sex Slave
  89. Be A Sex Master
  90. Morning Sex
  91. Middle Of The Night Sex
  92. Complete “The Perfect Week” (Sex With A Different Partner Every Day For Seven Days)
  93. Go To A Brothel
  94. Go To A Bathhouse
  95. Fuck Breasts
  96. Sex In The Bath
  97. Sex In A Hot Tub
  98. Spend The Day Naked With Someone
  99. Visit A Bunny Ranch
  100. Sex With A Pregnant Woman
  101. Sex With A Pornstar
  102. Birthday Sex
  103. Christmas Sex
  104. Valentine’s Day Sex
  105. Halloween Sex (Still In Costume)
  106. Shave Partner
  107. Be Shaved By Partner
  108. Period Sex
  109. Sex In A Library
  110. Sex On A Public Bench
  111. Sex In A Car Wash
  112. Sex With A Teacher In Her Classroom
  113. Sex With A Police Officer (Handcuffed)
  114. Sex Outside In The Winter
  115. Electro Stimulation
  116. Face Fucking
  117. Wedding Sex


(Will Continue To Add To List. Also Accepting Suggestions)