Hottest Women On Game Of Thrones

The seventh season of the most popular show on television comes to a close Sunday night and what better way to celebrate a show filled with sex and violence than my list of the hottest women from Game Of Thrones? Time to finally pay tribute to one of the sexiest shows to ever grace the small screen. Please before you send any hate mail, just remember this list is a matter of my own personal opinion and my not reflect yours. Let’s be honest in terms of hot women on Game Of Thrones, there are no wrong answers.


***Warning Possible Spoilers Ahead***


1. Missandei – Nathalie Emmanuel


Missandei has had arguably the greatest character development throughout the series. She went from a slave to the Dragon Queen’s most trusted advisor. In the beginning her clothing left A LOT to the imagination with her neck and shoulders being the most skin she revealed. We all got a glimpse at what was under those rags thanks to Greyworm peeking at her while she bathed in the river, but this season we got even more. Nathalie Emmanuel immediately jumped to my number one spot thanks to her stunning, exotic, goddess-like figure.



2. Melissandre – Carice van Houten


The Red Woman emits sex and temptation, using her body to get what she wants from men. Melissandre is fiery hot and was by far the sexiest woman on the show until Missandei disrobed this season. At age 40, Carice van Houten may be the sexiest older woman I’ve ever seen with the body of a girl twenty years younger. I’m almost certain that this witch has spent the most onscreen time nude than any other character on the show – just make sure she keeps that necklace around her neck.



3. Daenerys Targaryen – Emilia Clarke


The Mother of Dragons is generally near the top of everyone’s list and mine is no different. She had gone from an unwilling victim to arguably the strongest character on Game Of Thrones. Fans were lucky enough to see her bare all multiple times; showing off her the plumpest of asses. She can rule my kingdom any time she wants because there isn’t anything more sexy the a strong independent woman, am I right girls?! (I’m trying too hard).



4. Margaery Tyrell – Natalie Dormer


Margaery Tyrell was a master strategist and manipulator. Despite being from a royal family, she knew how to get down and dirty – it’s too bad her first husband was sleeping with her brother. Natalie Dormer has made quite a name for herself outside of the HBO series, but this was where I was first introduced to her. She is one of the most stunningly beautiful women on the show and has an incredible body to compliment.



5. Talisa Stark – Oona Chaplin


You may recognize her last name and that’s because Oona is the granddaughter of film legend Charlie Chaplin. When her and Robb Stark fell in love, they found themselves in a forbidden romance – what’s sexier than forbidden fruit? Talisa has the best ass on the show and her nude/sex scenes make you realize why Robb would break his oath in the first place.



6. Ygritte – Rose Leslie


Ygritte is a wildling, isn’t that sexy enough? She is remarkably beautiful with fiery red hair that matches her personality. When she met Jon Snow, she was able to break his Night’s Watch vow inside a cave; where we also got a glimpse of her pasty white, smooth body. With art imitating life, Jon Snow’s Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie are a real life couple that has lasted longer than their time together on the show.



7. Tyene Sand – Rosabell Laurenti Sellers


She is exotic and is part of one of the surprisingly sexiest scene of the whole series when she reveals her breasts one at a time to Bronn while in prison. Tyene had his full attention along with every viewer at home in such a titillating scene.



8. Ros – Esme Bianco


Ros was a prostitute who made her way around the Game Of Thrones map; my god did she get into the right profession. Her absence from the show is just another reason to hate Joffrey.



9. Shae – Sibel Kekilli


I nearly didn’t include Shae on this list because I was still slightly upset about what she did to Tyrion. However I came to my senses and remember this list wasn’t about likeability. For a man who has slept with many women, Shae was the one who captured Tyrion’s heart only to crush it. If the nude scenes with Shae isn’t enough, actress Sibel Kekilli was in porn before getting the role in Game Of Thrones, so there is plenty of content out there for you deviants.



10. Ellaria Sand – Indira Varma


Ellaria has her fun with both men and women and that is enough for her to make my list. I may have ranked her under her own daughter on the show, but this MILF has made her own case for being the hottest member of the Sand family. Even though we’ve never actually seen her nude, there is something sexy about a little mystery.



Bonus: Gilly – Hannah Murray


You probably didn’t expect to see Gilly on here, but because she isn’t portrayed as “hot” on the show I decided to add her as a bonus. She is a cute woman that is way out of Sam’s league. However I wanted to add a gif underneath that shows off Hannah Murray’s assets that are missing from Game Of Thrones.


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