Sexy Subreddits: /r/FrogButt


This week we take a look at the sexy subreddit Frog Butt. Don’t worry, I had no idea what it was either, but once you see it, you’ll get it. The Frog Butt is a pose a woman can do (I suppose men can do it too, but this subreddit is dedicated to women) that gives them the look of a sitting frog. This is a subreddit for those who love feet and ass. I went through the top posts of all-time and chose ten of my favorites. If you like this subreddit, be sure to check it out for yourself RIGHT HERE.


1. The #1 Post Of All-Time On The Subreddit

Peaches and cream are so tasty. I’ve got my peach…Anyone have some cream [f]or me? from r/FrogButt

2. Cute Back Dimples

Cute back dimples from r/FrogButt

3. First Post Here

[OC] First post here!! 🐸 from r/FrogButt

4. Feeling Froggy

Feeling froggy 🐸 from r/FrogButt

5. Hope You All Enjoy My Stretch Marks

Hope you all enjoy stretch marks 💕 [oc] from r/FrogButt

6. Holes And Soles

Holes and soles from r/FrogButt

7. My Booty Needs To Be Spanked

My booty needs to be spanked from r/FrogButt

8. Created A Beach In My Living Room

Created a beach in my living room because vacation is cancelled. Would you join me? 🌊 from r/FrogButt

9. Frogbutt Out In The Woods

Frogbutt out in the woods. I love having my body and holes on display 😜 from r/FrogButt

10. My Dirty Soles While Camping

My Dirty soles while camping! from r/FrogButt




2 Replies to “Sexy Subreddits: /r/FrogButt”

  1. This is truly a good subreddit, but unfortunately the moderators have stopped modding this sub and so occassionally you’ll see bad content.. esp during in the wake of OnlyFans and surge of girls trying to make money during the pandemic.

    But that said, this sub mainly gets OC content and is one of the best booty-appreciation subs there! Another good one to check out is r/SnakeButt that embodies half frog, half snake looks. Don’t understand? See it yourself.

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