Top 10 Amateur Models On PornHub

The Fucket List has covered lists of Pornstars many times over, but have yet to take a look at many porn viewers favourite category, amateur. It is by far one of my personal favourite categories and I think it is about time we explore it a bit further. This top 10 countdown list is based on the number of views amateur models have received on PornHub.


10. MissLexa

Total Views: 442 Million

From: Canada

PornHub Link: MissLexa


9. Solazola

Total Views: 447 Million

From: Tallin, Estonia 

PornHub Link: Solazola


8. Crystal Lust

Total Views: 451 Million

From: Miami, Florida

PornHub Link: Crystal Lust


7. Mini Diva

Total Views: 520 Million

From: Czech Republic

PornHub Link: Mini Diva


6. Samantha Flair

Total Views: 534 Million

From: United Kingdom

PornHub Link: Samantha Flair

5. Carry Light

Total Views: 623 Million

From: Los Angeles, United States

PornHub Link: Carry Light


4. Luxury Girl

Total Views: 632 Million

From: Tallinn, Estonia

PornHub Link: Luxury Girl


3. DickForLily

Total Views: 718 Million

From: New York, USA

PornHub Link: DickForLily


2. Reislin

Total Views: 724 Million

From: Riga, Latvia

PornHub Link: Reislin


1. Yinyleon

Total Views: 928 Million

From: United States

PornHub Link: Yinyleon

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