Top 15 Sexiest Current Female Wrestlers

I did a list like this before and it was a huge hit, so I thought, why not do another! However, this time the list is for currently active female wrestlers. Comparing the previous list and this one, there were only four overlapping entrants. Enjoy the sex appeal that current wrestling has to offer!


15. Becky Lynch (WWE)


Becky Lynch may be known as “The Man” within the WWE Universe, but she is every bit of woman. Technically she isn’t currently active as she is off expecting her first child with Seth Rollins, but there was no way we couldn’t include the fiery lass from Ireland and the most popular female wrestler in the world right now.



14. Io Shirai (NXT)


I don’t watch as much NXT as I should, but every time I’ve seen Io Shirai wrestle, she has been impressive. I remember when Triple H went and signed her, it was a big deal and her nude photos were some of the first things to come up in the Google search about her. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman with a natural body. Let’s just hope she doesn’t fall to the mid-card once she gets the inevitable call up to WWE.



13. Mandy Rose (WWE)


For me, there is something about Mandy Rose that I can’t put my finger on that I’m not insanely attracted to like the rest of the fans. However, there is no doubt that she is incredibly sexy and for the most part, that has been her gimmick in WWE. Maybe that is why I put her so low because she reminds me of the Diva era of wrestling.



12. Lana (WWE)


The Ravishing Russian Lana for the longest time I considered the sexiest woman in wrestling, however, she doesn’t really wrestle, does she? Lana is more there as the eye candy and for that, I had to list her lower this time. If you get a chance you should follow her and her husband formerly Rusev on social media because they seem to be the kindest, most down to earth couple in wrestling.



11. Asuka (WWE)


At the time of writing this, the colorful girl from Japan is the current women’s champion and it was a long time coming. She is by far one of the best female wrestlers in the business but is really underutilized by WWE. She isn’t one to flaunt her body, but that just adds more to the mysterious nature of her; not to mention her adorable positive demeanor and cute accent.



10. Pieter (NJPW)


Some of you are probably thinking: “Finally! A non-WWE entry on the list”. Don’t worry it won’t be the last either. Pieter is someone who only recently showed up on my radar. The Bullet Club’s Latina Bunny is incredibly sexy. I don’t even watch NJPW and I’m blown away by her… um… assets.



9. Peyton Royce (WWE)


One-half of the Australian tag team the Iconics, Peyton Royce and her partner Billie Kay grew up together and are now the comedy duo within the female tag team division.



8. Velvet Sky (ROH)


Ring Of Honor gets some love, although I know her more from her time at TNA alongside Angelina Love. Velvet is nearly 40-years-old, but she doesn’t look like she’s aged one bit. The one thing I remember most about her is the way she would enter the ring could make your heart skip a beat.



7. Toni Storm (NXT)


Toni Storm is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch perform. From New Zealand, she isn’t your exact definition of sexy, but I’m incredibly attracted to this woman. She has ass and thighs that aren’t usually seen on white women and she is an incredible talent that will surely be a name even the casual fan will know someday.



6. Natalya (WWE)


Unfortunately the only Canadian on this list, Natalya is the daughter of the late great Jim Neidhart and Niece of Bret “The Hitman” Hart. She is the definition of both “thick” and “stacked”. Any outfit she wears it feels as though she could bust out at any moment and I’m thankful for that.



5. Liv Morgan (WWE)


Liv Morgan shot up my list after her return from injury with her new gimmick and rising to the top of the women’s division. The blue-tongued beauty now generally sports black latex with a wild side. Now that she is out of the riot squad, this seems like her time to shine.



4. Scarlett Bordeaux (NXT)


Scarlett is someone I have known for a long time, but never knew what company she was at. I mostly saw photos of her from the indie circuit and I was blown away. Some of the outfits she wore, she could never get away with wearing on television now that she is signed with WWE. Let’s just be thankful she was an indie darling for that reason alone.



Taynara Conti (Free Agent)


The second sexiest Brazilian (behind my girlfriend), Taynara Conti was recently released from her contract at WWE, however, I’m sure it won’t be long until she’s signed by someone. I had been waiting for her debut for so long and it never seemed to come, but she really gives meaning behind the phrase “Brazilian Heat”.



2. Brandi Rhodes (AEW)


Wife of AEW’s Cody Rhodes, Brandi is incredibly gorgeous and sexy. I didn’t know anything about her until I started watching AEW and now I can’t get enough of her. She is like a work of art that you can’t stop staring at, mesmerizing you with just a glance.



1. Alexa Bliss (WWE)


Alexis Bliss is number one! This should come as no surprise if you know me, I love Alexa Bliss. The former cheerleader has turned herself into the best female heel in WWE. Her attitude and body will leave you wanting more and more. Alexa Bliss is truly one of a kind.




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