My Top 15 Sexiest Female Wrestlers


I used to be big into wrestling when I was younger so being a teenage kid going through puberty the women’s division had a lot to offer. I remember talking about these women to friends and they would think I was nuts saying stuff like “you’re into the freaky muscular women?” They didn’t watch it, so they didn’t realise most of them did not look like Chyna. These women were gorgeous and some of my first ever crushes with posters of them plastered all over my walls. Sure, I don’t want wrestling like I used to, but I still try to follow the story lines and keep up with it when I get a chance and my god not only have they gotten more talented, but hotter in some cases.


Quick shout out to /r/WrestleWithThePlot a Subreddit I discovered while making this list!


This list is my personal top fifteen of the hottest female wrestlers. If you think I’m forgetting someone please comment below!

1. Trish Stratus


Oh Canada! I had the pleasure of meeting the 7-time women’s champion at a house show (a show that isn’t televised for you non-wrestling fans). She was even more stunning in person and surprisingly short; coming up to just my chin when I was only 15/16 years old. Trish Stratus is a legend in the wrestling industry and is associated (alongside Lita) with skyrocketing the women’s division to a new level.


She had been a favourite of mine since I first started watching wrestling and she solidified her spot as number one when I found out she was from Toronto just like me. Stratus is the definition of a blonde bombshell – move over Pamela Anderson – with all the right curves in all the right places. Now retired and brunette, I still find myself crushing over her.



2. Lana


Lana was the first women I took notice of when I started watching WWE again. I took a break from wrestling for many years, but somehow found my way back less than a year ago. Although she wouldn’t be this high on my list of favourites, but this list is based on sexiness and my god she is the sexiest current female wrestler. Those tight, thigh-high dresses and skirts she wears at ringside highlight her long legs. Mix in that sexy Russian accent (I know it’s not real, but still) and she just exudes sex. Rusev is one lucky guy!



3. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss or as I referred to her when I first started watching her wrestle – that Harley Quinn looking girl – has that sexy bad girl vibe going on. You know that popular cheerleader at school who wouldn’t give you a second look? That girl, but we still love her for it because after all it’s just a character she plays (although she is a former cheerleader).


Alexa quickly became one of my favourite female wrestlers of the new era. What else makes her sexy aside from her attitude? Well her thick ass are spellbinding when she moves around the ring. In fact I had the pleasure of seeing her wrestle in person last year and my heart was racing the entire time. Her presence when she enters a room will knock you flat on your ass. She is pure bliss!


4. Lita


As I mentioned earlier, she helped launch the women’s division we know and love now. Lita was officially the first female wrestler I became a fan of when I was a kid. She was the manager of my favourite tag team at the time, The Hardy Boyz. When she was in the ring, she could hang with the men; performing the risky moves as some of the best.


It wasn’t until they paired her with Edge that I really took notice of her… assets. They had her character with him as… how do I put this nicely? Slutty. She wore plenty of tops that exposed her titillating cleavage. Lita also accidentally bared all during her and Edge’s live sex celebration on Monday Night Raw. Just like the women she’ll forever be linked with – Trish Stratus – she aged well; still appearing on WWE television as a guest analyst.


Side Note: Lita was the first wrestler I ever met back in 2004 for a Summerslam promotion here in Toronto. Awkward pre-teen me posed for a photo with her sporting the hover arm. If I find the photo I’ll post it here so you can see how awkwardly apart I stood from her.


5. Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson in many ways could have been #1 on this list. She is in the category of hired more so for her looks than her talent in the ring. I’m not saying she’s a bad wrestler, I’m just saying she wouldn’t be considered one of the all time greats in terms of her in-ring performance. Torrie would however be considered one of, it not the most beautiful women to ever grace the squared circle.


I remember having a poster of her on my wall in a yellow and green two-piece while holding her little dog. She was also one of the first women from WWE to pose for Playboy as you can see above and you can bet your ass I downloaded those photos off Limewire on my slow dial-up internet!


6. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky is the only woman on this list who isn’t in the WWE. Back when I was big into wrestling I also watched TNA Wrestling. Probably fairly unknown to those of you who don’t follow wrestling, but they were a company you could watch some of the best talent in the business; many of whom are now in WWE. Two of those talents were Angelina Love and Velvet Sky and despite Angelina being from Toronto, I found myself more drawn to Velvet. Her fishnet stockings leading up to her plump ass that she would tease every time she entered the ring had me excited beyond belief. I doubt TNA will ever be the same, but at that time, it was some of the best television I’ve ever seen.


7. Maria

Strangely enough I met Maria three times; twice on purpose and once by accident. I had her sign the cover of her Playboy issue and she was genuinely nice. She has a petite body, but a sexy one nonetheless. I remember an old WWE video – I wish I could remember what it was – where she was getting ready for a date or something like that and she was in black lingerie. I watched that on repeat many times and I’m thankful she’s back in the WWE. I didn’t realize this list would be difficult to compile because now I’m thinking I should have raised Maria higher on the list.


8. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly was someone I didn’t know a lot about because she debuted on ECW and I wasn’t watching WWE’s version of ECW. She started out doing strip teases for the audience, but it would cut off before she actually got nude. Once she debuted in on WWE, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was this gorgeous blonde with a body to match. She too hung on my wall in an American Flag bikini with the phrase “the new stimulus package”. I don’t remember a lot about her wrestling career, but Kelly Kelly is unforgettable in the industry.


9. Maryse

For as long as I’ve watched wrestling, Maryse was a heel (villain). Now teamed up with her real life husband The Miz, she continues to antagonise the audience. Hailing from Montreal Quebec, she French accented will draw you into a trance. Despite not wrestling anymore, her body is still fit and ready to compete. I don’t think I’ve ever envied Miz more.


10. Mickie James

Mickie James jumped into the wrestling scene playing a psychotic individual obsessed with Trish Stratus. Even though she was feuding with one of my favourite wrestlers, there was something that drew you to her. She had a likeable personality and I immediately found myself rooting for her. If there is one word to describe her, it is “thick”. Growing up it was all about ass and breasts like many teenagers, but Mickie introduced me to the pleasures of a nice thick thigh. Look up PAWG in the urban dictionary and you’ll find Mickie James.


11. Becky Lynch


When I said Alexa Bliss was one of my favourite female wrestlers of the new era, the other woman in that category would be Becky Lynch. Her thick Irish accent and fiery red hair that matches her personality are enough to desire her. Just like everyone else on this list, she is fit and her body is the final piece of the full package that is Becky Lynch.


12. Layla


Layla won one of the few Diva Searches that WWE ran back in the 2000s and rightfully so. She went on to have a long lasting career in the WWE and was able to retire while still with the company; something not many can say they did. As anyone who knows me from this blog, you know I’m an ass guy and Layla has one of the best asses in the business.


13. Nikki Bella

I could have put any other gif for this list, but who can resist a creepy Triple H?! I was never a fan of the Bella twins, but one thing changed for me with Nikki. The same night I saw Alexa Bliss wrestle, I saw Nikki wrestle. I couldn’t believe I had missed this on television – maybe because whenever she or her sister came on I would kind of channel surf. When she walked out, everyone leapt to their feet and I followed suit, just so I could see. My god, she had a body to die for. I may have been there to see Alexa Bliss, but I couldn’t help but stare at Nikki the entire time… kind of like Triple H.


14. Paige


She is a hot mess behind the scenes, but the keyword here being “hot”. I probably would have put her higher up on the list if her personality didn’t affect the way I look at her now. Yes, she had some personal videos and photos leaked, but I’m not posting them on here. That is an invasion of privacy and a line I won’t cross. I only post nude photos that were put out willingly (i.e. Playboy).


When I started watching WWE again, she was the first woman on there that was younger than myself. Her alternative style, mixed with her Gothic look only attracted me more to her. She was different and made me want a piece of her pasty white ass. Oh Paige, what could have been.


15. Charlotte Flair

Woooo! Even if you’re not a fan of wrestling I’m sure you recognize her last name. Charlotte is the daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair. She has stepped out of her Father’s shadow and is having one hell of legendary career of her own. Unfortunately she is last on this list because she has only begun to grow on me. I was so focused on her wrestling I didn’t take the time to ogle at her. Charlotte is by far the most athletic woman on this list and has a sexy hard body to match. I mean just look at that photo above! Ask me again in a year and I bet she moves drastically higher up on this list.


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  1. I can’t believe you forgot Stacy Keibler.

  2. Me personally I prefer Brie to Nikki Bella also I would have AJ lee on the list

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