Top Ten: My Sexiest Film Scenes

It has been a while since I’ve posted a top ten and figured this would be a suitable list for The Fucket List. Many of us first felt those strange pre-pubescent feelings when watching a film or television show. I have compiled a list of the scene that really got my motor running over the years. Again this is my top ten so there may be some scenes left off the list and that is only because I haven’t seen the film yet. What is your sexiest film scene? Let me know in the comments!


1. Gone Girl – Rosemund Pike

The first time I saw Rosemund Pike was in The World’s End and I thought she was astoundingly beautiful; with her British accent putting her over the edge for me. I had no idea of her acting depth until she played the psychotic Amy Dunne in 2014’s Gone Girl. It was also in this film that I discovered she had a body to die for … literally. *SPOILER* Even covered in Neil Patrick Harris’s blood she managed to make me question if a night with her was worth a little bit of crazy… alright a lot of crazy.

All of her sexiness came to a head in the scene pictured above. When she strips down to reveal her tight fitting white lace bra and panties. Not to mention afterwards when she fakes screaming for the cameras and crawls across the floor in just her underwear with a well positioned cameraman behind her. I know it may be new, but Rosemund Pike and this scene has always stuck in my head.

2. The Girl Next Door – Elisha Cuthbert

Strangely enough growing up in Ontario, Canada my first celebrity crush was Elisha Cuthbert. There was a show here called Popular Mechanics For Kids that featured her as a part-time co-host. The two of us grew up together and I wish I could say puberty was as good to me as it was her.

This particular film she plays a former Pornstar and upon discovering this, Matthew (Emile Hirsch) takes her to a hotel thanks to some bad advice from his friend. Cuthbert crawls on the bed and strips in an attempt to seduce Matthew and teach him a lesson asking, “isn’t this what you want?” This scene received plenty of pause and rewind moments for me when I was a teenager and it still holds up as one of my favourites.


3. Wedding Crashers – Isla Fisher

When I was younger I always had a thing for red heads; I was very Charlie Brown in that way. Isla Fisher only furthered that fantasy when I first saw her in Wedding Crashers. Funny enough I was watching this film with my Mother and Grandfather so it made for a few awkward moments where none of us would take our eyes off the television as we sat in silence.

Isla’s crazy, fiery and sex obsessed character in the film was enough to fulfil any man’s greatest fantasy. I remember thinking at the time, “what was wrong with Vince Vaughn’s character?” If I woke up in the middle of the night with a hot naked red head on top of me and tied up, I sure as hell wouldn’t be fighting it. I’m a bit concerned that my number one pick and number two pick both feature crazy characters.


4. The Wolf Of Wall Street – Margot Robbie

Again this film was the first introduction to a new actress for me; what a star Margot Robbie has become. There were many sexy scenes in this film involving Robbie, but I had to choose on one singular scene. I’m sure you’re a bit disappointed I didn’t pick her nude scenes, but this one just gave me chills.

Robbie’s character taunts her husband played by Leonardo DiCaprio with her long legs. Wearing a dress that is hiked up to the bottom of her ass cheeks; she shows off her thick thighs. The climax of this scene being when she spreads her legs with the illusion she isn’t wearing any underwear. It is too bad security was watching the whole time from the cameras inside the nursery or this scene could have lasted longer.


5. We’re The Millers – Jennifer Aniston

Rachel the stripper! Alright, so I grew up like many people my age watching Friends. I had a fascination with Jennifer Aniston mostly because she rarely wore a bra and the air conditioning must have been on high in the studio. She can also be traced back to the start of my love of older women. Even now she looks just as good as she did in the ’90s; aging like a fine wine.

This film was not only surprisingly hilarious, but gave Aniston her sexiest scene since Horrible Bosses. When she has to prove she isn’t really a Mother but a stripper paid to act like Jason Sudeikis’ wife she pulls out all the stops. Inside that chop couldn’t get any hotter as she showed off every bit of her assets in a oiled up strip tease proving older women can be just as sexy as someone half their age. Whoever wrote this scene into the film, god bless you.


6. Good People – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is by far my favourite actress thanks in part to her lead role in my favourite film Almost Famous. I’ve always considered her one of the beautiful women in Hollywood. It wasn’t until I got older that I realised she also had one of the best asses in Hollywood thanks to a few paparazzi bikini shots. Never had I gotten the chance to see her bare ass until this film.

Good People is about a couple who stumble upon a drug lord’s money and decide to keep it. The loving characters played by Hudson and James Franco take a shower together. When she stepped out I got the surprise of a lifetime and saw something I didn’t expect. Turning around in her towel, Hudson revealed her bare back all the way down to her butt cheeks. I clicked rewind a few times admiring it in all it’s glory before I continued on with the movie.


7. Watchmen – Malin Akerman

My second Canadian on the list also came as a surprise. Malin Akerman just emits sex from her first appearance in Watchmen. Dressed in a tight black and yellow spandex suit throughout most of the comic book flick. I had already seen her breasts in Harold Kumar, but this took everything to the next level.

In a passionate sex scene with Patrick Wilson she bares all. Revealing her sexy figure under the moonlight as she rides Nite Owl. The lighting just adds to the tone and really brings together a hot scene that features both Akerman’s perky breasts and tight round ass. Oh Canada!


8. Fast Times At Ridgemont High – Pheobe Cates

This is the only film on the list that came out before I was born, but Fast Times At Ridgemont High and this scene in particular became iconic in teen cinema. You’d never expect the cute and innocent face of Pheobe Cates to be hiding so much sex appeal.

As part of Brad’s fantasy we see Cates exit the pool dripping wet in a red bikini. Only to pull it apart at the middle revealing her young breasts; making every guy squirm in his chair. Even though I didn’t watch it until the 2000s, I still had the same effect as this scene holds up even today. I don’t remember any girls at my high school looking like Pheobe Cates though.


9. Titanic – Kate Winslet

I can’t be sure of it, but I think this was the first time I had ever seen nudity in a film. Titanic, which is another film with Leonardio DiCaprio that last for over three hours, features another iconic scene in film history. The “draw me like one of your French girls” scene has been spoofed multiple times and has become a staple in ’90s cinema.

Kate Winslet is another woman who I still have a crush on today. She is so proper, sexy and in my opinion the definition of a woman. Sure she doesn’t reveal as much as she does in later films, but this is my list and I couldn’t leave off the one that started it all.


10. Empire Records – Renee Zellweger

It’s funny because I never thought Renee Zellweger would be on any of my sexiest lists, but then I remembered this scene and how turned on by it I was at the time. Even with Liv Tyler in it, Zellweger manages to have the sexiest scene of the film.

Empire Records is about a group of misfits trying to save the record shop they work at from being bought out by a corporate company. When that said company sends over orange aprons, Zellweger’s character takes it upon herself to have a little fun with the newly acquired work attire. Walking out with nothing but the apron on you get a glimpse of her side breast and sexy thighs peaking out underneath.


BONUS: Harold & Kumar Christmas – Paula Garces

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